Entertainment Zones

The Power House Entertainment Group creates first class, state of the art centers offering the very latest in entertainment from video and redemption games, through to simulation and virtual reality. With all the latest and most popular machines available, customers experience the very best in family entertainment.

Operate with Purpose

Power House Entertainment Group excels when it comes to center operations. We constantly monitor machine performance from revenues to cost of sales.  We keep up to date with the very latest trends; responding to what the customer wants, by accessing our vast network of vendors and providing top quality products at the best prices available.

Redemption Games Arcade

Play to Win

Maintenance of the machines is essential, a machine that is non-operational is not making any money. Power House Entertainment Group employs expert technicians, providing a speedy service and ensuring that all machines are operational 100% of the time.

Intercard System Castle Park

Pay to Play

Power House Entertainment Group provides the latest in cash management systems; improving the ease of operation and resulting in a seamless play experience for the customer. System benefits include increased revenues, instant reporting, credit card revenues and the option for ticket-less operations.

Whatever you are looking for, from a particular ride to a customized platform and more, we can supply!

Custom Kiddie Ride Platform

Customized Platforms

Looking to add a couple kiddie rides to your location? Or are you adding a themed “Kids Zone”? We do it all! Our team at Power House can customize kiddie ride platforms and play areas to fit your needs. We build to the shapes, styles and colors that enhance your location and attract revenue.

Robust Rides

Kiddie Rides should be fun! Our techs service the locations weekly to make sure rides, changers, cranes and games are in proper order, clean and ready for business.

Over 200 Styles to Choose From

We’ve got all styles of kiddie rides from cars to carousels, well-stocked plush and candy cranes and the most popular prize games. Power House gives you the best choices of the most up-to-date machines!

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